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Hello lovely people! And a big, fluffy welcome to the world of Chesserfeld, where we believe that luxury shouldn't break your bank account... or your heart. We all love sinking our toes into a soft, cozy rug after a long day, don't we? But we also love our furry friends roaming around the wild right where they belong. At Chesserfeld, we promise you'll get to enjoy both of these things without any compromise. Yes, you heard it right!

We specialize in creating faux fur rugs that are so divine, so fluffy, and so unbelievably soft you'd swear we're kidding. But darling, we're not. Our rugs are designed to deliver a luxe experience that's as close to real fur as it gets - without the guilt, the high price tag, of genuine fur.

So, go ahead! Tickle your feet, play with your kids, cuddle your pets, or lie down and enjoy a quiet evening on our faux fur rugs. Experience the oh so softness that only Chesserfeld can deliver. Did we mention that our rugs are absolutely, positively machine-washable? No? Well, they are! Because we believe that luxury should look good, feel good, and be practical.

But don't just take our word for it. We've got fans, lots of fans! Our 4.5 to 5-star ratings on Amazon speak for themselves. They're like little love letters from customers who have fallen head over heels for our plush faux fur rugs.

Okay, we understand if you're skeptical. How can faux fur be as lush, plush, and luxurious as genuine fur? As we like to say, the proof is in the fluffiness. And let's be honest, isn't it a great feeling when you get the luxury you deserve while being a friend to our furry companions?

Intrigued? Of course, you are! We eagerly look forward to you becoming a part of the Chesserfeld family and experiencing the soft, luxurious comfort for yourself. Get ready to throw out your old ideas about faux fur rugs. They're about to get a serious upgrade.

So, come on in, and explore our product pages. We've got sizes, shapes, and colors that fit every style and every room.

Chesserfeld Rugs

Chesserfeld, it's not just about faux fur rugs; it's about a cozy, luxurious, eco-friendly lifestyle that is also machine-washable (because we know how messy kids and pets can be!).
We're Chesserfeld, and we're all about the luxury you can love, live in, and laugh with. Welcome to the fluff side!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our range of fabulous faux fur rugs and accessories. And remember, when you think of luxury, think Chesserfeld. The fur is faux, but the luxury is real. Our rugs will bring joy to your day and warmth to your heart.
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2x3 faux fur rugs.

Faux Sheepskin

If you want to zhuzh up your space for less, opt for a faux sheepskin rug. Faux sheepskin offers a chic and cozy alternative to authentic sheepskin. In addition, faux sheepskin rugs can be styled to fit any room — whether it's the bedroom, nursery, or the living room. Especially if you have hardwood floors and don't like the idea of wearing slippers all the time, a faux fur rug can give you a great escape from cold, winter floors.


As a cozy throw for your sofa or to add a pop of color to a bench or one of your poufs, faux fur sheepskin is an excellent, durable option. Thanks to Chesserfeld, you can have the look of fine sheepskin contribute to your home decor and create a more modern space without compromising comfort on an itchy synthetic material. If you're allergic to wool but love the look of sheepskin, faux fur also offers an excellent compromise, since it's made of polyester instead of woolen fibers.

faux fur rugs

Faux Rabbit/Hare

Faux Rabbit/HareHare has long been a popular fur for warmth, coming in many different colors and shades. Like many other fur rugs, rabbit is a great way to create an upscale New York vibe. At the same time, many people don't like the idea of how natural rabbit fur is acquired, because of a number of factors regarding the treatment of rabbits and rabbit hunting in general. Particularly when thinking about how cute and small a bunny is, you may feel uncomfortable buying an accent rug or pillow sourced from rabbit fur. If you want to keep the bunny in its rabbit hole, faux fur options styled after rabbits are available from Chesserfeld, all of which are made without harming a single rabbit.

 Faux fur rabbit options include two popular color options of pelt: hare gray or shades of camel. Although it has the same qualities of natural hare pelts, just like Chesserfeld's other faux fur options, the pile of our faux rabbit rugs is completely comprised of soft, plush, polyester. If you're looking for a neutral-colored faux fur rug to match your throw pillows, the muted colors of a hare rug can go great with a variety of throw pillows. Plus, with the same warmth and texture of a natural rabbit product, you'll love the feel of hare on your skin. Even pets and children will enjoy sitting on a hare faux rug while watching television as a family—you won't even need slippers!

faux fur rugs

Faux Cowhide

Leather and cowhide have long been known as durable textiles to use. Especially in the American west, it's not uncommon to see a cowhide pillow on a couch in place of a different kind of throw pillow. Cowhide and leather clothing has been used since the middle ages, but many people are trying to become more ethical in their use of leather goods and other products stemming from cattle. Whether you're a vegan outfitting your chic New York loft or are decorating your guest room in Mitchell, Nebraska, Chesserfeld's cowhide will look great in your home.


Just like our faux rabbit and sheepskin rugs, you can get a large rectangle-shaped cowhide rug, measuring roughly five by five feet. As more and more changes occur in our world, having a cruelty-free cowhide rug may be more in vogue in the first place, making it even more understandable to pick faux fur over its natural equivalent.

18x18 faux fur throw pillow.

Decorative Pillows

Chesserfeld offers a few different faux fur pillows perfect for couches, poufs, beds, and more. If you've been browsing for natural cowhide pillows but would prefer a faux fur option instead, Chesserfeld has you covered with their cowhide throw pillows. Whether you want a white cowhide pillow or something a bit more textured, Chesserfeld's cowhide throw pillows are a great option to compliment any room with a cruelty-free cowhide pillow.


Beyond selling cowhide throw pillows, you can also find other pillows in colors like gray, camel, and white. Chic and fashionable, these pillows even come with an insert, so they're ready to be placed on your poufs or sofa immediately. Perhaps best of all, these faux fur pillows are completely machine-washable, unlike actual rabbit, sheep, or cowhides, which aren't always the most resistant to moisture. Just take a look at Chesserfeld's specifications for detailed information on how to use them in washing machines and dryers.


If you need further assistance or have questions about the specifications of our products, our current inventory levels, or your use of this site, reach out to us at our contact email address and we'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on offering a better experience to our customers than other sellers. If you don't find what you're looking for in the list of search results or can find cowhide throw pillows or other faux fur items at lower local store prices, feel free to reach out and we'll see what we can do to give you a good deal.


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